Immerse yourself in a culture steeped in ancient stories and traditions that have guided a people for a thousand years.

Immerse yourself in a culture steeped in ancient stories and traditions that have guided a people for a thousand years to thrive in one of the most unforgiving climates on earth. In a rare opportunity, the Inuit community of Puvirnituq invites you to join them for a day (or two) to experience their seasonal activities and help you create a memorable, unforgettable story of your own.

This 4-day package is the perfect introduction for the non-tourist seeking a real travel experience – one in which to learn firsthand the living natural and cultural history of the local Inuit Discover how throat singers interpret the sounds of arctic wildlife in their haunting, rhythmic melodies, observe carvers calling out mythical beings from blocks of stone, learn how Inuit ice-fish and admire the northern lights weather permitting. Our guided tour of the village introduces you to many local people.

4 Days 3 Nights

Starting at $4,069

Day 1 - Arrive Puvirnituq

Departure from Montreal Airport in the morning and arrival in Puvirnituq beginning of the afternoon. After settling in, you will be taken on a guided tour of the village where you will meet its friendly residents. 

Day 2 - Live Off the Land in Puvirnituq

Leave the village behind for the open tundra on a snowmobile. With the help of your guide, learn to build a traditional Inuit igloo. Discover traditional Inuit ice-fishing with the net under the ice and let your guides catch some fish to prepare an Inuit supper. Spend the night ‘on the land’ and look for the green-hued aurora borealis if the auroral forecast is favorable.

Day 3 - Dogsleds, Carvings and Throat Singers

Go back to Puvirnituq in the morning and explore the surrounding landscape by dog sled. After lunch, visit with a traditional soapstone sculptor and participate in a small carving workshop. Afterwards, you’ll enjoy Inuit tea and bannock at your hotel where you’ll be able to watch a movie about the region. In the evening, enjoy a performance of female throat singers as they replicate the timeless sounds of Arctic wildlife with their unique rhythmic chants.

Day 4 - Say Goodbye to the North

Enjoy a final walk through the village and photo opportunities. Pass by the COOP store to find a little souvenir. After lunch, your flight departs for Montreal where you’ll arrive early the evening.

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