Relics & Bones - Discover Historic & Prehistoric Alberta

These Tours are our very own backyard tours that help you to discover an Alberta you didn't know!

We encourage you to "See Alberta through the Eyes of a Tourist"!

Fall in love with the Alberta you always drive by.

That little museum you have just never made time to stop at.

That curiosity that you keep thinking - Next time.

Well - Nows the Time!

Take a Relics & Bones Backyard - Plug and Play vacation where your rooms, your meals, your attraction passes are all included for you.

You pay for your adult beverages, tips, swag and gifts and any speeding tickets or traffic violations you earn!

Available for Sale:

Northern Rockies & Northwest Alberta Self Drive/Ride Tours

First up will be our Relics & Bones - 3 Day - The Grande Cache Express

Soon to follow will be:

Relics & Bones - 3 Day - Route 2

Relics & Bones - 5 Day - Route 1 

Relics & Bones - 5 Day - Route 2

Relics & Bones - 7 Day - Route 1

Relics & Bones - 10 Day - Route 1 

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